A dialogic approach – how to support learning more through talk

What is dialogic learning?

Dialogic learning emphasises the importance of dialogue and interactive communication in the learning process. It is based on the idea that learning is most effective when it occurs through meaningful and collaborative conversation. In a dialogic learning environment, participants engage in discussions, debates, and conversations to explore and construct knowledge collectively.

At MakeMore Arts, we believe that we learn more when we take an active role in shaping our learning through discussion. And we believe that talking aloud helps us to develop ideas.

You can find an example of how we’ve tried to remodel digital object-sharing for schools and community groups. Instead of a knowledgeable presenter sharing their expertise, in this video, Rosie tries to support young people to construct learning for themselves by raising a range of questions.

Our tips for asking questions

If your leading a workshop, giving a talk or tour, or even writing participatory exhibition content, you may find our tips helpful for developing talk.